Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A cute little condo in Fayetteville

As I've said in my previous posts we have a very cute home!  Sean and I are very blessed to get to live where we do & are sad to be leaving our home.  Included are a few photos of our home and the recent decorating that I've done. For those of you who were familiar with Sean's bachelor pad before we were married  you will notice quite a bit more color, glass vases, and flowers.  

Monday, July 27, 2009

Missing AR, but excited about IL

Here is a quick summary of what I will miss most about Arkansas
1. Family - this is a given!
2. Friends - another given - I am beyond blessed with a great group of friends! Loud, crazy, dramatic, and fun!
3. Fellowship - I am going to miss our church
 very much, hope to find a great church family in Wheaton. 

The following are in no particular order
4. Walmart - I'm from NWA and I'm a big fan of getting everything you need in one store. 
5. Chick-Fil-A - I love me some Chick-Fil-A fries and a sweet tea
6. The Hogs - I've been a Razorback fan all my life and will miss watching the pigs play football this year. I am also going to miss tailgating with the hood and my family. 
7. Fall in Fayetteville - it doesn't get any prettier than Fayetteville during the fall
8. Sonic - I should invest in Sonic based on the number of visits I pay them each week. Special shout out to my sonic friends on Walton - you guys have gotten me thru my year at Walmart.
9. Glo - There is not another store that I love as much as Glo - probably cause one of my besties works there - Amy! I am definitely going to miss my visits here and all of the fabulous products!  
10. Stone Mill Bread Company - everybody knows that this is my favorite sandwich shop! I am currently on a chicken salad sandwich kick (thanks Jen), but do love their soups and a grilled turkey sandwich!  They also have amazing iced tea!  I hear the north isn't too great with making iced tea!
11. Our Home - I love our little condo! We are very sad to be leaving our amazing little home - we've been very blessed, but I am excited to get to decorate a new home - I'll need help from all my friends with this so start booking your trips!
12. Pesto Cafe, Hugo's, Rick's Bakery, Tim's Pizza, Racha Thai (This is Sean's favorite place in the world) are our favorite restaurants in Fayetteville. 
13. I can't forget my work friends! I am most definitely going to miss all of my coworkers! It's not very often that you truly enjoy the people you work with - Thanks for the great party last Friday Clare!  

Things we are excited about doing in Chicago!
1. Chicago Cubs Baseball - based on the appearance of uniforms I have decided that we will be Cubs fans - can't wait to purchase my first cubs hat!
2. Navy Pier - I am excited about visiting Navy Pier and taking lots of pictures! 
3. Eating at lots of yummy restaurants with Sean! We have been given lots of recommendations by people of where to eat, we will be sure to try them all out, and to discover where the best pizza is in Chicago. 
4. Shopping - now we are about to be on a entirely new type of budget but I do hope to get in some good outlet shopping!  I saw a Crate and Barrel outlet on our last visit to Naperville
5. Concerts - We have heard  that there are lots of great concerts in Chicago - Sean wants to definitely see Josh Ritter while we are there. 
6. Zoos and Museums - Sean and I are very excited about his family visiting us in Chicago - and we are looking forward to taking his nephew Lane to all of the different museums and aquariums!  
7. Sean's family will only be 5.5 hours away now so we are excited about getting to see them more often!
8. Basically I want to visit all the art galleries, museums, comedy clubs, and historical monuments that Chicago has to offer! 
9. I am very excited for all of our friends and family to visit us! I hope we have lots of visitors and plan on posting a visitor calendar soon so people can begin booking their trips!  
10. I look forward to making Wheaton our new home, becoming familiar with the area, walking around town and Sean's campus. Maybe even buying a house down the road!

This is all I have for now, check back later for more updates!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tires and the Adult World

For the most part I truly enjoy being a grown up or at least semi-grown up. But there are a few drawbacks...tires.  Tires may be one of the least fun purchases ever. For starters they are expensive and boring. They definitely aren't a fun purchase. You can't play with them, you can't try them on, they aren't even fun to show off. Luckily Sean has made my first tire buying experience a little easier. He kindly traded cars with me today and bought me four brand new tires. Now my drive to and from work will be much safer...as long as the slow drivers stay out of my way! So thanks to a great husband who not only cooks my meals but fixes my car!