Monday, February 28, 2011

Funny Comments by Sean

I have to brag on my husband - just a little bit - not too much cause he will get a big head but a little.

He has done an amazing job taking care of me this past week. With a broken ankle I'm pretty much out on all household duties - cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. In our normal world Sean typically does most of the cooking while I stick to the cleaning. It's a pretty good system and we've grown quite found of it. (I'm actually working really hard to suppress my OCD cleaning tendencies until I'm back on both feet)

Now that I am down to the use of one leg Sean has taken over all duties plus his school studies, going to class and taking and picking me up from the train. He also leads our community group and takes meals to a family that is currently facing some tough times once a week. To say the kid is a superstar would be an understatement.

By the time I get home from work I'm completely exhausted - (please see below for my awesome knee scooter that I am currently riding around the city. I know I look ridiculous but the thing is a life saver and gives everybody in my office a good laugh. Also please note that I now have to use the handicap lift on and off the metra to get to work - I feel like I'm living in a completely different world). Once home from work I have a new routine of walking in the door and falling into our green comfy chair and resting my leg for the rest of the evening. Sean then lovingly cooks dinner, serves me and cleans the dishes. He also helps me in and out of our shower since we don't have a bathtub and it takes a pretty scary hop to get into the shower.

He really is just the greatest but I also have to share his funny comments. For those of you who know our relationship Sean and I are big jokers, are rarely serious with each other and are full of sarcasm. These characteristics aren't for everyone but they work for us. So below are some funny comments that my husband has made since I've broken my ankle. Please don't take them the wrong way but understand that a huge part of our relationship is humor.

Comment 1: (Sean walking out the door to night class)
"Okay, so don't fall or anything because I'm not going to answer my phone while I'm in class."

Comment 2:
Me: "I'm so thankful for everything you've been doing lately, I will be able to help out as soon as my ankle is better"
Sean: "I know, when you're better I'm not doing anything for a month - seriously I may even leave the toilet seat up for kicks"

Comment 3: (Sean riding my knee scooter throughout the house)
"I just did a 90 degree turn on this thing - Mik you really don't have to keep all 3 wheels on the ground all the time"

Comment 4: (texting)
Me: "I'm good - mom helped me get in the shower earlier which was much needed"
Sean: "Yea you did stink"

Comment 5:
Sean now refers to me as "Scoot" or "Scooter" - a lovely nickname that will probably be around for a while. I receive several texts throughout the day that say "Hey scoot, how's it going?"

Comment 6: (texting last Tuesday which wasn't my greatest day)
Me: "I'm okay, had a melt down earlier but I'm okay now."
Sean: "Happens to the best of us. I threw coffee on Cathy (my mom) when I got home because I was so emotional"

There have been several other funny comments from Mr. DeWitt this past week but I'll leave those between us for now. I'm very thankful that God has blessed me with such a selfless and funny husband. As my wonderful Grandmother told me this past weekend "Y'all did a good days work finding each other" - just makes me smile thinking about this. I pray our life would be filled with many more opportunities where we can show Christ's selfless love to one another - (hopefully we are done with the broken bones though). It really has to be Him working through us otherwise we'd never be able to do this on our own. It hasn't been easy the entire time but through the difficulty we've learned to turn to God and seek his Spirit.

Hope y'all enjoy the awesome pictures of my permanent cast and knee scooter below!

Also Sean believes that the knee scooter should have a name so if you have some creative ideas let me know.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Broken Ankle

Please excuse my lack of blogging! Not sure where I've been but it's been way too long since I've blogged.

This past week has been extremely busy for us!

Monday was Valentine's Day - Sean surprised me at work with flowers and homemade cookies! He really is the best! I love that he came all the way down to the city just to ride the train back with me! Since we are on a "graduate college budget" we had a romantic dinner at Chick-Fil-A. Which I couldn't have been happier about! I also bought Sprinkles cupcakes on my lunch break as a surprise for him! Let's just say we didn't need to eat for the rest of the week after all those calories!

Tuesday night we had community group after work with our great friends!

Wednesday was crazy at work and then I flew out that night to Cleveland which is where our company headquarters is located for an all day meeting on Thursday. I got in around 11 and Sean's dad picked me up from the airport and I stayed at their house. I got about 5 hours of sleep, had breakfast with his mom and sister and then headed to the office with his dad. Did I mention that I am working at the same company as Sean's dad? I love it!

Thursday we had our all day meeting, grabbed a quick bite to eat before our flight and arrived in Chicago at 8. My parents got in town at noon on Thursday for a weekend visit and I couldn't wait to see them! I finally got home around 9:30 after the world's longest cab ride home and got to catch up with them!

Friday I was exhausted at work and it ended up being a really busy day! Sean and my parents came to the city to meet me for lunch and then they went to visit the Field Museum for the afternoon. We met up when I was done with work for a great dinner at Hugo's Frog Bar! It was delicious and I enjoyed a tasty margarita with my dinner - much needed after a busy week!

We had big plans for Saturday - lots of shopping and catching up on life. I was so excited! I hadn't seen my parents since Christmas and had been counting down the days until their visit. My mom and I started the day off with a fun run through Glen Ellyn. This was the first week that the sun has been out in ages and the weather has been amazing - the snow is almost gone! We started out doing great then we came to an ice patch on the sidewalk, we walked in the grass to avoid it, then we had to walk on part of a driveway to get to the next part of the side walk and the next thing I knew something in my ankle popped and then I was in the grass/mud. As soon as I landed I knew I did something to it, we called Sean and he came to pick us up. Of course in the mean time someone had called 911 and the police and an ambulance showed up - I was beyond embarrassed and kindly told them that I was fine and didn't need their help! We then made a trip to the emergent care clinic, waited a couple hours (which all I could think about was "I'd really rather be shopping" - selfish I know but I really didn't want to waste the only day I had with my parents in a doctor's office). After the X-rays they told me that my ankle was broken. I really couldn't believe it - I've never broken a bone in my life and I really didn't think it was broken. I could move it some and we thought it would look a lot worse if it was broken. The weird part was that the doctor talked to us for 10 minutes about my injury and what happened before she told me that it was broken - I kept thinking "maybe you should have started out with that news first sister!" As soon as she told me I started crying, I wasn't in pain I just didn't want to have to miss out on a great weekend with my parents and we are suppose to go skiing in a couple weeks with Sean's family so I knew I'd be out on that.

So now I've got an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on Monday to get an exact game plan (hopefully no surgery is needed and it's a clean break). I'll be getting a permanent cast then too. I'm not allowed to go to the city for work until I have my permanent cast. Getting around the city on crutches should be interesting to say the least! Let's hope I don't fall in the middle of a cross walk!

Though this weekend hasn't gone as I would have planned I know we are beyond blessed with great family, amazing friends, great health (minus a broken ankle : ) ) and I've got some great care-takers right now! Most importantly we serve a mighty God who loves us beyond our understanding.

Below are some pics from today's adventure!

P.S. prayers would be appreciated that I would learn to be patient and sit still - two things I'm not very good at : ) and for Sean as he will helping me out till I'm off the crutches

Please excuse my unpolished toes! Temporary Cast