Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lions, & Tigers, & Bears...& Dinosaurs!

So Sean and I have been busy the past few weekends!
We went to Cleveland to see Sean's family - got to spend lots of quality time with everyone, went to the Cleveland Zoo and even saw a few dinosaurs! 
Sleepy Rhino!
Sleepy Sea Lions!
Cute Polar Bear! 

Mr. Lane playing with his new Dinosaur toys - he can name them all for you! 

Funniest picture of the weekend! Mr. Lane's camera smile! I think he was a little frightened of this big guy!
Mr. Lukey laughing up a storm and holding his hands! Laughing at his Ninny! 
Thinking deeply about something - love that he is holding his hands!
Love the hat!
The Cleveland Zoo has a really cool Dinosaur exhibit and Mr. Lane was all about it!
Love this face!
T Rex! 

And last weekend Sean and I took a trip into the city for our 6 month anniversary & to celebrate my birthday. We had lots of fun just walking around the city and chatting about life! 
We also got to see our friends Mat and Kelsey Hency who were in town visiting Mat's brother. It was great to have some Arkansas company and to cheer on the hogs with our friends! Next time I will remember to take a picture of all of us! 

The Bean
View from our Room!
Our Cool Hotel - it was attached to one of the Theaters 
More Dinosaurs! 

Just hanging out in Millennium Park on a Saturday

Cool view from the Art Institute 

We would love to go to a concert here! So if you're in town call us up! 

Even though we are having lots of fun we do miss our family & friends!  So come visit soon!