Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Is Coming!

I am beyond excited that Spring has almost arrived in Chicago! This winter was extremely long and we are so ready for sunshine and warm weather! One thing I didn't know until I lived here is that during the winter the sun starts setting at 3:30 and it is dark by 4:30 so the fact that the sun is out when I leave work now is just a huge blessing - I've been continually thanking God when I leave for his gift of sunshine!

In honor of Spring arriving I talked Mr. DeWitt into purchasing some cute new hand towels from Target this past Saturday. As a result of our graduate school budget we don't do much shopping so these cute hand towels made my day - they are definitely brightening up the kitchen!

Also, some of my amazing and sweet friends have been sending me little get well goodies! I forgot how much fun it is to receive letters and gifts in the mail! Jenny-Pepper Walker and her awesome fiance Will S. sent me a cup cake kit from Saint Cupcakes - - it was so fun! It was three freshly baked cupcakes, icing and sprinkles. It came with a super cute note and fun instructions - I meant to take a picture of the cupcakes but....we pretty much ate them right on the spot so I only got a picture of the cute instruction sheet.

And then on Friday I got a great get well package from Brooke C.
She sent me some magazines, fun note cards, my favorite candy - Hot Tamales and a super sweet note! Just love me some Brooke - miss her and her beautiful baby Stella!

And last but not least my dear friend Amy A.'s mom sent me a super sweet note telling me she had been praying for me and hoped I was feeling better. I love Amy's mom Debs - she is the best and I love her to pieces! I feel very blessed by my friends and their families! My group of girlfriends are all close with each others moms and I love them all so much!

Fun side note - I am suppose to get my cast off tomorrow (praying that this will happen and they won't put me back in another cast), my mom is arriving tomorrow afternoon and my sister will be here on Thursday! Yea for a fun week with family!

Hope everyone has a great week!