Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here in Wheaton

Well friends, we are here!

Sorry for the delay in the post, but it has taken me a while to get settled. 
It actually didn't take me long to get everything unpacked and placed around the condo (thanks to my wonderful parents & my OCD-ness), but it has taken me a while to process this new stage in our lives. 

The new place is great (still getting use to the linoleum floors - these things are hard to clean!), but we are definitely ready for visitors so please start making plans to come see us! Clean sheets and towels await you!

We really like the area, it is very cute!  There are lots of little quaint shops, restaurants, pretty houses, and fun parks!  The only real complaint we have is that there is no good mexican restaurants.  At this point I would give my right arm for some cheese dip from La Hacienda!  So if you are coming up please bring some with you! 

We have been to the city twice now.  Each time we have taken the Metra which is fun & interesting! Typically there are lots of loud children and on our last journey a man feel asleep next to me and drooled all over his shirt! A sight to see!  Don't worry Sean took pictures if you want to see!

We've visited Michigan Avenue, Navy Pier, & Aquarium! The Aquarium was really fun, but a little crowed on a Saturday with all the kidos!  We definitely want to try out all the other museums! 

Sean has started his grad classes and you can now find him reading, reading, & reading. My next purchase will be to get him a desk lamp even though he insists that he doesn't need one. 

I will hopefully begin working soon. My office is about 45 min away, but the drive really isn't too bad. Perks about my new job, there are windows! Those that have worked at Walmart know that this is a big deal! More info will come after I start!

Things here are going well, but I am definitely missing family and friends back in AR. I hope everyone visits soon!  We really do want all of our friends/family to come see us here! Also I've just downloaded SKYPE so all those who want to chat Tuesday/Thursday are great for me!  

Miss and love you all! 

I will include new pics as soon as I download them!


  1. I want to see the guy drooling on his shirt! So glad to know that Sean is the kind of guy to seize the day and not let such a photogenic moment pass him by!

  2. Hey Mikki! I followed a link on Jessica's blog to yours...hope you don't mind! So what is Sean getting his Masters in? I have to admit that I am a little bit jealous of your move to Chicago (Wheaton). I think I would enjoy living in a big least for a little while! Good luck!! I hope your new job is going well!