Saturday, June 26, 2010

Recap of Last Weekend!

Start at the bottom and work your way up...Sean competed in the Warrior Dash and I tagged along to take pictures! Let's just say it was hilarious! I am even thinking about participating next year...but we will see...that is a lot of mud!

This is the warrior helmet you get after you complete the race!

I took this for Kate - Harry Potter was at the race too!

Once you completed the race you got a beer and a chicken leg...classy

These guys were just funny!

Shrek and Fiona were at the race too!

This is as close as I got!

Look real close for the guy in a green one-piece!

Best part of Warrior Dash is that people dress up in costumes!

Who wants a hug?

Covered in mud

A little muddy

This is my husband after the race!

Go Sean Go!

Sean finished earlier and I wasn't ready for him so the pics are all far away

Hanging out before the race

A band played as all the runners competed

This is what we walked into....Sean was very proud of me that I didn't leave!

All checked in and ready to go!

Shoe donations from the DeWitts

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