Sunday, June 13, 2010

Where We've Been

Hi Friends,
Well it's been too long since I've posted but life has been crazy!
I just looked and my last post was in March! Yikes!

Here is a short recap of where we have been!

April - Sean finished his first year of grad school!
There was lots of studying towards the end of the semester and I am so happy that he is done.
It's nice to have my husband back!
Bill & Nicole made the trip over for Easter and we had a great weekend with them!
Sean and Bill made a delicious pot roast for Easter Dinner.

Last day of school!

This is what a grad students desk looks like during finals!

Happy Easter!

Dinner at La Sorella

Yummy Pot Roast!

May - My sweet Grandpa Ted B. Michie passed away in May. We went home to celebrate his life and got to spend time with my extended family. It was a difficult time but we also celebrate knowing that he is restored in Heaven with the Father.
While we were in Tulsa we grabbed lunch with Kate and her boys - it wasn't long enough but it was great to see them for just a bit!
While home we also got to see our friends. We miss our friends a lot and it never feels like we get to spend enough time with them. We spent a wonderful evening at La Huerta filling up on some much needed mexican food!
Our trip home was too short but it was great to be in NWA for a few days!
We also went to Cleveland for Memorial weekend to be with Sean's family. We had an amazing cookout and I had the best pedicure of my life with Nicole! It was great to spend time with them and the extended weekend was a great treat!

Here is a picture of Sean and I with my Grandparents at Christmas '09

Sean & his nephews

My Lily Pad

Lily in the car on the way to Tulsa

Yummy Food!

Two Peas in a Pod!

Sean & his Sweet Mom

Michele, Sean & Nicole

Relaxing on the porch!

June -
June has consisted of working, working & working. We have been short staffed at work and there has been a lot of 10, 11, 12 hour days. Also the city of Chicago thinks that it is a smart idea to start construction on every major highway during the summer time, which has resulted in some long days : ) I'm hoping things slow down at work soon so Sean and I can enjoy the summer!
Sean celebrated his 26th birthday on June 10th and his mom celebrated her birthday on June 12th. Michele and Bill came over for the weekend so we could celebrate together. We had a wonderful time, great food, and laughed a lot. Sean and his mom went for a run on her birthday - they are getting ready for the Chicago marathon & they are both going to do great!
Michele made her famous chocolate cake & we got to do a little shopping!
I am also excited to announce that today ended our apartment search. Sean and I have been looking for a new apartment to live in for almost a year : ) We've probably been to 15 different apartment complexes & have kept our friend Katie, who has a full time job and does Real estate on the side, extremely busy. Katie and her husband Dan are a part of our small group and have been helping us look for a new place to live. They are a wonderful couple and not only have they spent a great amount of time with us, they have also been in prayer for us which is a true gift. Katie found us an incredible place this past week and we finalized everything today.
I can't wait to post pictures of our new place once we are in - should be mid August so stay tuned!
Though this process has been exhausting and long, it's been a great time for Sean and I to rely on the Lord, we have tried to seek his will and guidance thru this process and I feel we have learned a great deal. I hope we are always seeking God's will no matter what we are doing or where we are.
Sean & I at the Wheaton Carnival

Funnel Cake is a must at carnivals!

Happy Birthday Sean & Michele!

Lots of Cards for the birthday boy!

Famous chocolate cake

You gotta have birthday plates when you have birthday cake!

So this is where the DeWitts have been this summer, I'll try to post more next weekend after Sean's competes in the "Warrior Dash" - let's just say this is a 3.5 mile run with obstacles (and these obstacles consist of fire, cars, mud, barbwire, etc.) Should be interesting!

Love and miss you friends!

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