Wednesday, June 16, 2010

While Driving Home Today

Hi Friends!
Things have been very busy and crazy lately at work! I become so focused on other things that sometimes I completely forget that we live next to one of the coolest cites in the world!
I was driving home tonight from work, a little later than usual so traffic wasn't too bad, and as I got on the straight stretch of 294 I looked to my left and saw the skyline of Chicago! It was so crazy to see the city in such a short distance away - I always think of the city as being so far away - we can feel so secluded in the burbs with our cute little houses and parks. I know I have times that I become very homesick and miss everyone but it really is such a gift from God that Sean and I are getting to experience so many wonderful things in the first few years of our marriage. Seeing the skyline tonight really made me want to make sure that Sean and I take advantage of this time in our lives and where God has put us. New personal goal - get to the city more often and not just Michigan avenue : ) I hope that we get to go exploring in the city soon! If you have any good suggestions of where we should go or what we should do let me know!

Miss and Love you all!

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